The Pat McMinn Rising Star Award

The Pat McMinn Rising Star Award is to recognise a young talented performer or ensemble beginning a promising career. Although there is no age restriction, the nomination and selection process should have a focus on youth.


2017 Jenny Mitchell
2016Molly G Paige
2015Christopher Bates
2014Alexandra Reekie
2013Aleshia Spiers
2012Angelina and Gabriella Witten-Hannah
2011Lisa Crawley
2010Anthony Utama
2009Kylie Austin
2008Ashley Cooper and Michael Tipping (2AM)
2007Elizabeth Marvelly
2006Jarred Fell
2005Ben Morrison
2004Andy Lynch
2003Richard Gannaway
2002Hilary Clift
2001Amalia Hall
1999Lisa Lorrell
1998Tania Nordick
1997Larissa and Melanie Watson
1996Ian Harman
1995David Broadley
1994Nicole Watson
1993Sarah McCracken
1992Paul Romhany
1991Lionel Reekie
1990Chris Powley
1989Keri Nehemia
1988Christian Evans
1987Keryn and Harley Dale
1986Annie Crummer

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